My new book is available !


I take you on a trip through Chile, my host country for 3 years now. A narrow strip of land, averaging 100 kms wide, wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, stretching over more than 4,300 Kms. I wanted to focus this story on places, atmospheres, nature, light .... I built this book as a "treasure hunt" with GPS coordinates and inserts showing the textures of the landscapes, as seen from the sky. A photobook that I hope will make you want to travel to Chile or if you have already visited it, will remind you of memories, moods from the "end of the world". The story is geographically organised from South to North. We start with Patagonia and Detroit of Magellan region, with its unforgettable landscapes, glaciers, its fauna still extraordinarily well preserved, continue to the incredible island of Chiloe and its churches in “Tejuelas”, today heritage of humanity, then  the lakes region with the volcanoe of Osorno, the region of Auracania and its majestic millennial forests, passing through the modern capital Santiago and its mountain surroundings, the world-famous port of Valparaiso on the Pacific coast, continue to the North with Valley of Elqui, the beautiful Atacama desert landscapes, its ghost towns, its altiplanos and finally northern Chile desert with the region of Arica and Iquique, without forgetting, in the middle of the pacific, the Easter Island and its mysterious "moai". I dedicate this book to my wonderful family without whom this journey would not have been possible and I wish you a good trip !